WindSolutions (Shareware)

iCloner is an application that provides its users with access to a series of tools that can be used to create a backup for the files that are contained in an external iPod device. The iCloner has been developed by WindSolutions and is generally referred to as an iPod saving application. What it does is launch a program that creates copies of image, video, and music files when connected to an iPod. Apart from saving copies of these essential pieces of data, the program also creates copies of any existing games, contacts, books, notes, artwork, playlists, or podcasts.

The thing about iPod devices is that they are prone to crashing and system failures and when this happens, the backup program can simply be synched to a reformatted devices to copy back all of the stored data from a computer system to the external device. With the iCloner, the data migration process involved in this situation is easier accomplished. When file backups are generated, they can also be updated as often as necessary.

The iCloner program interface is simple enough. The user is prompted to choose a particular iPod device and a destination folder for the copied files. A simply “Start Backup” button then follows. For file restoration, a window specifying the source file is presented together with a window for the user to select the external device to which the files will be copied.