ICL-Icon Extractor 5.10

Icon Empire (Shareware)

ICL-Icon Extractor is a utility that is capable of extracting icons from folders, files, and websites. It supports different image formats, such as DPL, ICO, EXE, DLLL, OCX, and many others. It is also capable of getting icon images from archived files. These icons can then be sorted together with their information in a collection. The program then creates a full library of fonts.

The program also allows users to change Windows icons. The program allows users to manage their library as well. Duplicate instances of icons in the computer can be deleted. The program’s interface is straightforward and intuitive. The command buttons are laid out at the main window’s top portion. The right panel on the main window displays the available sizes for the icons, while the main area holds the different icons that are imported to the program.

Under the Options window, users can configure exporting and importing options. Under the “Import” tab, users can set the file types of icons to be added to the program. Under the “Export” window, users can change the maximum number of icons in the program and the bitmap background colors (256 colors and more, 16 colors or 4 bits, and monochrome or 1 bit).