Icewind Dale II

Interplay Entertainment Corp. (Proprietary)

Icewind Dale II is the direct sequel to the Icewind Dale role-playing game. It was first released on August 27, 2002. The game takes place the Forgotten Realms, the settings for the Dungeon and Dragons video game. The storyline revolves around the group of mercenaries as they go to a war between the coalition of persecuted religions and races and the Ten Towns of the Icewind Dale region. In this game, players take control of the group of mercenaries. Before the game begins, the player has the option to choose between creating his own group or select a pre-made party. If the player chooses to create his own group, he can specify each of the character’s race, gender, class and other attributes.

Like its predecessor, Icewind Dale II is based on the ruleset of Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition. The focus of the gameplay is combat. Since it is based on the D&D ruleset, the game also adapts the combat system of the D&D. However, instead of the turn-based system used in D&D, this game replaced it with independent rounds allowing the player to perform multiple actions at once. The game also features a multiplayer mode, which can be played with up to six players over the Internet of LAN. It also features the Heart of Fury game mode, which makes the game difficulty harder.