IceDC++ 1.0.1

Phrozen! (Freeware)

IceDC++ is an application that assists its users with various file sharing tasks. It can be used for both personal and commercial file sharing where data can be sent to and from various sources on multiple networks. It can serve as an accompanying program to existing file sharing applications providing people with alternative software that can be depended upon when needed. This particular program was developed and released by a programming company that is based in New Zealand. Phrozen! is the company that is responsible for delivering this free piece of software to the technological market.

The primary purpose of the IceDC++ program is to aid people when it comes to various file sharing tasks. Apart from sending and receiving data files over a particular network, the same program can also be used for other concerns related to data access. Since all files are stored under a primary server, it is possible for these files to be accessed over different devices and by different people for as long as they have the designation that will gain them access to the necessary folders.

This program is compatible with different computer operating systems and platforms and is quite easy to use making it a perfect tool for people who require regular assistance when it comes to file storage and transfers.