IceBreaker 1.9.5

Matthew Miller (Freeware)

IceBreaker is a simple game where players have to catch penguins that are scattered around Antarctica. The penguins will be brought to Finland where they will be used for world domination project. The icebergs spread around the game screen must be broken into little pieces to trap the scattered penguins. This is done by drawing lines with a tool, which can be done by using the mouse. Vertical and horizontal lines can be drawn on the game screen. The game is also time sensitive, so players must be as quick as possible in catching the penguins.

On the game screen, players can see the number of lives available on the upper left side of the window. The score and the level area cleared are located on the top portion of the window as well. Players must only clear 80% of the level in order to proceed to the next one. Bonus points are given to those who finish levels completely. Points are also awarded when a player finishes a level with lives left over. There is no correct way to trap the penguins. Players can experiment to come up with techniques by drawing lines to make it easier to trap the penguins.