Ice Cream Mania

Nevosoft (Shareware)

Ice Cream Mania is a time management game. In this game, the famous ice cream café tycoon named Henry Rich has died, leaving behind a great fortune built on years of successfully serving ice cream to customers. The player takes the role of Cindy, one of the dessert magnate’s two daughters. Each daughter is challenged to build her own ice cream business from the ground up; the one who gains the most profit over the course of a year will stand to be the heiress of her father’s fortune.

As with other time management games, the goal of Ice Cream Mania is to gain points by serving customers properly, as fast as possible. Once the customers get in the ice cream order queue, they indicate the kind of ice cream they want and it is up to the player to make sure the order is met without making the customer wait. To serve ice cream, the player first clicks on the cup of ice cream. Next, the right ice cream flavor has to be dragged and dropped into the cup. If a topping is indicated, this must also be placed in the cup. Finally, the player must collect the customers’ payments.

At the end of each level, the day’s profit is counted. Players can choose to use this amount to purchase upgrades with, such as better equipment, additional ingredients, or a different interior design. There are 50 levels in the game.