Ice Clock 3D Screensaver 2

3Planesoft (Shareware)

Ice Clock 3D Screensaver is a screensaver featuring a three-dimensional view of an ice clock. A screensaver is a type of computer program denoted by a design that will be displayed on the computer screen when the computer is left idle for quite some time. Initially, it was designed to just prevent having the screen turn black, but its function has now expanded to entertainment, security, and even information display. A three-dimensional view, compared to a two-dimensional view, displays images in a more realistic manner as if the object is in front of the user.

With Ice clock 3D screensaver, the clock design is an analog clock with Roman numerals representing time. The clock is embedded on a frozen creek or river, with water and ice, as well as little fish swimming in deep waters. The combination of water and ice, as well as the breaking of the ice also create an effect of refraction, adding to a more realistic look. The time that is displayed is real-time. While keeping track of time, users can enjoy the wonderful view as well as the relaxing instrumental music accompaniment. When users install this application, it comes with a built-in manager that allows users to check and change common settings, check and facilitate updates. and manage other installed 3Planesoft screensavers.