ICE Book Reader Professional

ICE Graphics (Proprietary)

ICE Book Reader Professional is a complete e-book reader solution developed by ICE Graphics. It helps users protect their eyes while reading digital versions of real books. The aim of its developer is to process larger text files so that readers can read e-books in HTML format. This prevents eye strain caused by continuously reading small text, which is often the case when reading actual books.

ICE Book Reader Professional has the following features: storage of up to 250,000 e-books, automatic placement of book orders, individual storage of books to set room for deletion or copying, guaranteed database integrity through a heterogeneous and distributed fail-safe database, and smooth screen scrolling.

This program’s scrolling features are crisp to every pixel. Users can also take advantage of the program’s page-down features such as page jumping and smooth page transition. Book view mode allows users to choose from among numerous skins, which make the reading experience more authentic. Ultra fast text navigation is usable within a few seconds for 30 pages (good for finding specific pages). The user can automatically colorize any text to help them read references more conveniently. It is also capable of doing full text anti-aliasing to avoid visible dizzy-prone delays in page scrolling. Other useful features include a built-in alarm clock, MP3 book creation tool, video book creation tool with the integration of standard DVD Players, and a teleprompter.