Ice Age 3

Activision (Proprietary)

Ice Age 3™ is an adventure game based on the movie of the same name. This game follows the adventures of the main character of the movie, Buck. However, some levels require the player to control the other movie characters like Sid, Manny, Diego, Scratte, and Scrat. The game features 15 levels where the characters explore jungles and caves. The characters perform simple tasks like rolling an egg to safety, chasing after an acorn, or running away from dinosaurs.

This game is available in single player mode and multiplayer mode.  Ice Age 3™ multiplayer mode enables the players to play as baby dinosaurs or mini-sloths. The single player mode features several game bosses—Hornet Hive, Ankylosaurus, Carnivorous plant, Chasmosaurus, and the final boss, Rudy. Other enemy characters are DodoBird, Vultures, Piranhas, Momma, and Dung beetles, among others.  

Ice Age 3™ starts off with the preparations that Crash, Sid, and Eddie make for the coming of Ellie’s baby, Peaches. The next levels feature Manny trying to baby proof their cave, Diego trying to chase a gazelle, and Sid getting lost in a cave where he finds three eggs at the end. The next levels have Sid rolling the three eggs, named Egbert, Shelly, and Yoko, down the hill to the caves. The eggs turn out to be dinosaur eggs and Momma is looking for them. Scrat meets Scratte along the way and the characters encounter more obstacles and adventures as the game progresses.