iCash 7.5

Max Programming, LLC (Shareware)

iCash is a finance  managing tool that helps users to keep track of their expenses, debts, income, and credits. This application can also handle bank transactions. This utility is simple to use; knowledge of accounting is not required. It can be used for personal finance, home budgeting, a small business, an organization, and other ventures where bookkeeping is a must, but an accountant cannot be hired.

This program lets users create accounts containing all the required information regarding incomes and expenses. The accounts are created according to the categories specified by the user, who has the option to import bank account details and credit card information. Upon placing financial information, the user’s expenditures are automatically categorized: how much goes to gas, groceries, and eating out. Users can edit bills that are wrongly categorized so the application can come up with a more accurate output.

The application is able to generate reports about where the money comes from and what most of the expenditures are, so users can adjust their budget accordingly. These reports can be used in financial planning, and these are: taxes, balance sheet, account statement, profit and loss summary, and profit and loss statement. The documents can be saved, so users can compare annual reports during budget planning. Creating multiple accounts is possible, allowing users to manage their personal, business, and organizational finances at the same time. To provide security for the financial data, the program makes use of a protective password that users must enter every time the application is launched.