iBomber Defense

Chilingo (Shareware)

iBomber Defense is a casual computer game set in World War II. In this tower defense game, the player plays as the Allied Forces fighting the Axis Powers in Maginot Line. The player must build a line of defense to prevent the enemy forces from reaching the player's base. When a defense unit is built, it can be repaired to fix the damage attacks have done on it. Its level can also be upgraded, allowing it to become more formidable as the levels progress.

There are two types of towers at the start of the game. The machine gun tower is a type of tower that shoots at enemies faster. The cannon shoots at a much slower rate but is more powerful when fired. Other units can be unlocked at the end of each level. Some of these towers include the communication towers (increases the firing range of nearby towers), and the anti-aircraft towers (which protect against aerial attacks). The game has 22 levels that can be played. Each level has 30 waves of incoming enemies to be stopped from reaching the base. After all the levels have been completed, the player can replay all of these levels in the counterattack mode. This time, each level features enemies that take alternate routes in reaching the base.