IBM WebSphere Studio Homepage Builder

IBM Corporation (Proprietary)

WebSphere Studio Homepage Builder is an application developed by IBM that is used to edit and create HTML files using WINE. In computer programming, WINE is a software that enables Microsoft designed programs to work in Unix-like OS.  The application enables users to create fine web pages even without having a broad knowledge in HTML. The program is designed to make the process of making web pages easy with the use of the Web Site Designer Tool. With this new feature, users can do multi-tasking in web designing. Website Designer Tool includes creation of a page template file which enables users to create multiple HTML pages with footer and header parts at the same time.  The tool also provides a synchronized updating mechanism that automatically updates web pages by simply saving changes in the page template. Changes can be made in the page title, stylesheet, and page template.

Website designer tool is equipped with a Graphical Diagram Editor which determines the structure of a web site.  Once the structure is created, a user can add navigation links on the HTML file which can be updated from time to time.  The website structure can serve as the web site map which summarizes the content of a web page or web site.