IBM Rescue and Recovery

IBM (Proprietary)

The IBM Rescue and Recovery program is a tool to help the user access files, restore back-ups, diagnose problems, and make Ethernet connections when the computer’s Windows operating system cannot run or start properly. The program works independently from Windows operating system and allows the user to start rescue and recovery operations that cannot be fixed by the OS.

The IBM Rescue and Recovery program features back-up file creation for recovering hard disk operations. The back-up files can be stored on the hard drive, network drive, flash drive, or burned to a CDs. It also can restore the hard disk to default settings. The program can restore individual files from the back-up files. Adjust the settings of the computer to start from another device - such as a CD - made by the Rescue and Recovery program. The program can create a Migration File to transfer settings and data to another computer.

The IBM Rescue and Recovery program works by creating a workspace that operates differently from the Windows system. That workspace is used to back up files and allow room to operate when the  system crashes. The program thereby allows users to update corrupted systems. The program has an automatic function to apply patches to a system when a restore operation is run. The workspace can be protected from other users by enabling security with a password or passphrase.