IBM Lotus Organizer 6

IBM Corporation (Proprietary)

IBM Lotus Organizer 6 is a personal information management application. It comes bundled with the Lotus SmartSuite program and is also available as a standalone application. This application comes with a comprehensive set of tools to assist users in managing their personal information, such as an address book, a to-do list, a calendar, a notepad, and an activity planner. With this application, users can write down project plans, be reminded of appointments, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions, store contact numbers and email addresses, and create lists for personal, home, and business use.

Users can add event details and other pertinent information such as the working budget, a list of expenses, contact persons, and working schedule. Graphic images may also be added to an event, such as the event poster and other collaterals.

The interface of the IBM Lotus Organizer 6 is similar to a leather-bound organizer. Users can turn the organizer’s pages, and add bookmarks to help them locate and retrieve information quickly and easily. Bookmarks may indicate the location of the phone book, resources, appointments, and notes. Users can add up to seven personal addresses, six email addresses, and 20 phone numbers for each contact. Users can also make and receive calls using this application.

This application is no longer being marketed by IBM; support for the program will also be discontinued on September 30, 2014.