IBM Lotus Notes/Domino

IBM Corp (Shareware)

IBM® Notes® and Domino® (formerly known as IBM Lotus Notes and Domino) are integrated desktop groupwares for emailing, messaging, social collaboration, and applications. Through this program, users can communicate in real time with other users of their organization or system. The facilitated communication is designed to result in improved decision-making process, faster business operations, and greater productivity.

IBM Lotus Notes is an email software aimed at improving social business on the Web. It features an interface that allows contacts management, to do lists, discussion forums, team rooms, microblogging, file sharing, and other open social activity streams directly from the users’ Inbox. This means that users can quickly access their social networks, email, widgets, calendars, feeds from a single point. With the software, users can employ their knowledge on their organization to find the people and content they need. Access to IBM Notes email, contacts, and calendar, are browser-based. Working with email and applications is possible even when users are not connected to the network.

IBM Domino is a platform for enterprise-grade applications for social business. This means that it provides e-mail, application and collaboration services dedicated to further the goals and objectives of an organization. With the integration between IBM Notes and Domino, users can benefit from integrated applications that improve organizational workflow and management of documents. The platform consists of five components: IBM Notes client application, IBM Notes client, IBM Domino server, IBM Domino Administration Client, and IBM Domino Designer.