iAutoArtwork 2.64

JTA Software LLC (Shareware)

iAutoArtwork is a program used for getting the right album artwork for the user’s audio files in iPod and iTunes. The program has a simple user interface that is easy to use for both novice and advanced computer users. The main window is divided into different sections. Users must select the iTunes sources and the tracks for that category will be displayed on the window. The album and the artist will be displayed. Users can then select one of the audio files without an album cover artwork and a list of sources where the artwork is available will be displayed at the bottom part of the main window. Users can select one of the sources and a preview of the artwork will be displayed at the lower right side of the window. The different sources displayed also include image information, such as the source of the image and the image side.

Here are the other features of the iAutoArtwork program:

• Has support for more than 14,000 album artwork for different artists
• Program is automatically updated when the computer is connected to the Internet
• Finding album artwork can be done in just 3 steps
• Users can filter audio tracks by album or display all tracks