i1Profiler 1.5.0

X-Rite, Inc. (Shareware)

i1Profiler is a program created to improve functionality and workflow for the color management products offered by a science and technology company called X-Rite. This company is a reputable global leader in communications technologies and high tech color management. This utility is a flexible tool and has a wide array of color management capabilities. Users also get automatic and free updates via the Internet as part of customer service.

i1Profiler has a number of additional features such as OS support and scanner profiling. The program is equipped with advanced modes and settings that are professionally calibrated. The program is intended to make customized color profiles for printers, presses, monitors, and projectors that are precise and high performance. More detailed customization is possible with a wide array of choices of shades of color and image requirements.

i1Profiler has a toolset that allows for a smooth workflow in digital imaging projects. The user is given more power and better control. With regard to interface, there are a couple of choices, depending on the skill level of the user. The first is a basic interface that is wizard-driven. The second is a more advanced interface that is user-driven.

i1Profiler has a drag-and-drop functionality that facilitates both creation and sharing of information. His program also provides high quality maintenance fixes and automatic program updates.