SHAPE Services GmbH (Freeware)

iDisplay is a simple program that allows users to use their iPads and iPhones as a second monitor. This program can make users more productive when doing computer activities, as more windows can be open all at the same time. It also reduces clutter on the desktop window. With the iPhone or iPad as a second monitor, users will be able to control the desktop by touching buttons on the screen. Here are the main features of the iDisplay application:

• Support for zooming and panning on programs right from the touchscreen display of the iPad or iPhone
• Support for display customization for every device
• iDisplay remembers all of the settings used for each specific device used with the program
• Support for mirror image display that can be used for presentations and demonstrations
• Support for both landscape and portrait orientations to fit any kind of program opened on the iPhone or iPad

iDisplay is easy to use as it does not have complicated settings that need to be configured. On the desktop computer, users can access the program’s settings window by clicking on its icon that is located on the desktop system tray. The program can be set to launch as soon as the system starts.