i-Catcher Alert 1

iCode Systems Limited (Freeware)

i-Catcher Alert is an application that informs users of notification in the iCatcher Console, a program that manages the iCatcher CCTV security system. It comes bundled with the console and is also available as a standalone application, so users can manage their CCTV tasks across a system of networked computers. This application provides users with the alerting functions to send network, text, and emails, as well as upload to websites using an FTP connection.

This application works as an alert manager; the alerts are listed on a queue. The program interface is simple and easy to use; the main screen consists of the Alert Queue, Activity Log, Status of the application, Settings, and Processes. The queue displays the pending alerts that are ready for processing while the Activity Log shows the alerts that have already been processed. The Activity Log may be cleared if preferred. The supplication provides users with options to send SMS, alert emails, and generate HTML pages. Users also have the option to delete required jobs from the Alert Queue and manually stop the i-Catcher Alert operations any time.

The Settings Tab contains options that enable users to set up SMS and email alerts, and HTML status updates. The alerts can be configured; users can enter the details of the external program they are using for sending the alerts.