Hyves Desktop Chat

Hyves (Freeware)

Hyves Desktop Chat is a desktop messenger tool for users with Hyves account. Hyves is a popular social networking site in the Netherlands. Through Hyves, the user can create and edit their profiles, message friends in their contacts list, and upload quality images. Other info, such as files in different formats, can also be shared with Hyves user contacts via the messenger. Through the desktop chat platform, users can chat with their friends and transfer files without having to log in the Hyves website.

A registered user can employ the Hyves Desktop Chat messenger to share various multimedia files with other users. For example, users can share images with each other. These images can be transferred through the application’s photo uploader.  Multiple photo uploading is supported. This means a number of images can be uploaded all at the same time. The pictures uploaded can be labeled with titles and tags. Videos can also be transferred. For a file to be transferred, the user first selects the contact to send the file to. After that, the user then transfers the file through the file transfer tool. The receiver of the file can just save the file onto the destination desktop or other sector of the hard drive.