Hypnotix DragonTales

Hypnotix (Proprietary)

Dragon Tales: Learn & Fly with Dragons is an educational computer game based on a television show. This game teaches logic and early math principles to kids ages 4 to 6. The game was first released in 2004. Cassie, a small dragon, teaches three of her siblings how to fly and get their very own Dragon Badges. They go through different adventures in Dragon Land, and players must help them through the different obstacles. Each of the three dragons must complete a game in order to get the Dragon Badge. When all of them have their badges, they can go to the training ground and do more activities and learn from more lessons.

The game can be controlled by the mouse, making it easy for kids to play. The game features 11 different types of activities for learning. These 11 activities can also be customized according to the player’s skill level. The game also comes with a book called Dragon Tales: Raining Cats and Dogs.

Other features of the Dragon Tales: Learn and Fly with Dragons game are the following:

• Fun activities while learning
• Different activities to choose from
• Comes with an instruction manual
• 28 pages of Dragon Tales book
• Comes with a registration card