Hyperspace 3D 3.70

PUSH Entertainment (Shareware)

Hyperspace 3D is a program that changes the computer’s wallpaper to a view of space. The wallpaper is animated, so users can feel like they are traveling through outer space. The colors change while the wallpaper moves. The program can be easily installed in the system even by those who are not computer savvy. Users can configure the behavior of the wallpaper under the settings menu. Some of the settings included in the application are the following:

• Flying Speed – This option allows the user to change the movement speed of the wallpaper. This can be changed by using the slider on the window. Additionally, users can add a checkmark beside Randomize to have different flying speeds when the wallpaper is active.
• Flying Direction – This allows users to set the direction of the wallpaper. It can have a rear or front flying direction. This option can be randomized as well.
• Color Scheme – There are different color schemes that come with the application and users can select one from the drop down menu under the settings window. If the user wants random colors to appear on the wallpaper, a checkmark can be placed on the box beside the Randomize option.

This animated wallpaper can be launched as soon as the system starts.