Hyperionics HyperCam

Hyperionics (Freeware)

Hyperionics HyperCam is a screen grabber software that records action from one’s Windows screen and saves it as an (AVI) Audio-Video Interleaved, (ASF) Advanced Systems Format, or (WMV) Windows Media Video movie file.  Sound coming from one’s system microphone may be recorded, as well as all sound outputs.  It was developed for making regular software applications such as automated software demonstrations, software training, walkthroughs, and different types of presentations.  

Screen notes and text annotations can also incorporated in the application.  One can specify the Frame rate and compression quality of one’s video project.  If one records using the 256 color mode, the application appropriately manages color palette changes. The software’s current version now allows for re-recording of videos playing on one’s computer screen, such as those in RealVideo, Media Player or QuickTime Player.  Software features include an editor for merging and trimming captured ASF, AVI, and WMV files. Hyperionics HyperCam is best used for software presentations since the program presents sound and action from each task that is undertaken in one’s desktop.  The latter may be that of cursor movement, windows popping up, or menus selection.  Its interface is better understood by more advance computer users as it tends to be laden with a lot of information and is a bit difficult to navigate.