HyperEdit 1.6

Jonathan Deutsch (Shareware)

Tumult HyperEdit is an HTML editor used for typing text that will be published on websites. The program's unique feature is its ability to display how the code affects the website while typing. It is as if the user is typing on the website, and not on the HTML editor. In this way, there is no need to type HTML codes on a text file, save it, and then reload the file on the browser. Also, through this application, the changes are seen immediately, even before the HTML texts are saved. This eliminates the time it takes to write the code on a separate editor and then opening another window or tab to preview the changes that have been made.

Tumult HyperEdit features the quick rendering of codes, even those that are not in HTML. This means it is also capable of rendering CSS, PHP, and JavaScript codes. There is a code snippet, which allows the user to find the tags most commonly used in coding. These tags and codes can be recalled using keyboard shortcuts instead of typing them again. When coding JavaScript, a code evaluator can be used to test if it is working properly. The codes can be colored, allowing similar code types to be in one color, while different code types are in another color. This prevents the confusion often associated with writing long lines of code.