HyperCam Media Editor 3.5.1211.29

HyperCam Solveig Multimedia (Shareware)

HyperCam Media Editor is an application for recording videos and taking screenshots of the desktop. It can be used for creating video tutorials, demos, and personal projects. Videos can be recorded in three different ways. Users can choose a region of the desktop to record, record in full screen mode, or record a specific window that is open. The program is set to disable the cursor so that the mouse pointer will not be included in the recording of videos. Recorded videos are saved in the disk drive as AVI or WMV/ASF files. When recording, users can click on the record button on the interface, or use the preset hotkeys for recording, pausing, or taking screen captures.

The program also comes with an editor that allows users to edit (trim and join) captured videos and photos. Additionally, videos can be uploaded and shared to YouTube directly from the interface by clicking on the ‘Share to YouTube’ button. The program’s main window is small and an icon sits on the system tray when the program is not in use.

Other features of the HyperCam Media Editor program include the following:
• Record Skype audio and video conversations
• Grab videos in overlay mode
• Encode captured sound
• Set speed of recording and playback
• Visual managing