HYENA 10.5

SystemTools Software Inc. (Shareware)

HYENA is popularly used as an Active Directory management utility that proves to be quite handy in the centralization of everyday tasks related to management. This program is used by system administrators. Aside from basic functions, it can also provide them with additional capabilities related to system administration.

The HYENA program is similar to Windows Explorer when it comes to interface and operational details. It is capable of managing individual and group users. This program can also be implemented to manage sessions, shares, devices, files, printers, messaging, and other computing activities.

HYENA utilizes operational tools such as pop up context menu via right mouse click. It is very easy to use especially to those familiar with the use of Windows Explorer. This program may be used on Windows systems such as Windows NT/XP/Vista, Windows 2000/7/8, among others.

HYENA is a utility created by SystemTools Software Inc. Aside from standard management functions for Windows this program also contains WMI management tools and supports Exchange Server and Terminal Server.

Hyena is the tool to implement when there is a need for the centralization of tasks and for adding tools that can assist system administrators in accomplishing what needs to be done. When Hyena is in place there is no change for things to get out of hand when many uses are connected together and hundreds of workstations are contained within the network.