Maël Hörz (Freeware)

HxD is both an efficient and fast Hex Editor and Disk Editor made for Windows that is used to inspect and edit computer main memory, disks and disk images, and computer files. The software is able to open and edit memory usage of running programs as well as disk drives’ raw content. The application’s editing feature functions like a text editor that revolve around basic, task oriented operations.

The application can handle files of different and large sizes.  For instance, it can open files greater than 4GB or 8EiB.  Memory sections may be shown or hidden by a data-folding function.  Its user friendly and intuitive interface is loaded with features such as statistics, exporting, searching and replacing, insertion of byte patterns, splitting of files and checksums/digests, compare or share files, just to name a few.  Memory and drives information are shown as a whole and presented in a way that normal files are displayed. Numerous files may also be presented using a combination of multiple or tabbed document interface for more streamlined reviewing.  A file shredder has also been included for secure file deletion. Lastly, a number of data types can be searched and replaced such as floats and integers and Unicode-strings.