Hunter's Trophy

Atari (Shareware)

Trophy Hunter is a simulation video game. In the game, players assume the role of a hunter who travels to different locations around the globe in order to hunt for game. Some of the locations that player can visit include Alaska, New Mexico, and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The game is played on a first person point of view. The player can choose a hunter from the ones available in the game. Hunters have different hunting and weapon skills and it is up to the player to choose the best hunter that help earn the most trophies.

Some of the weapons that can be used in the game include a rifle, crossbow, bow, and a shotgun. There is a wide variety of animals to hunt including bears, sheep, moose, caribou, and many others. The game allows the user to have a realistic game experience with the possibility of hunting down the animals in various weather conditions, such as snow and heavy rain. The game also has realistic graphics for a better game experience. As the player kills more animals, hunting skills are improved. The game also has a “Be the Hunter” feature that enables the player to customize and create a profile according to preferences.