1C Company - Avalon Style Entertainment (Shareware)

Hummer by 1C Company is a computer game under the road stimulation category. The game is designed with fast-paced action and numerous challenges that call for focus, quick reflexes, and driving skill. It offers players with a diverting game play, excellent graphics and visuals, and realistically rendered environments. All these are brought together with the objective of mimicking the challenges and fun of real world extreme driving. This game is developed with the intention of providing players a virtual environment where they can exercise their driving expertise.

Hummer by 1C Company offers a diverting experience to real-life drivers who are looking for a taste of adventure. Players of this exciting simulation game are given roadworthy GM and Hummer vehicles to drive in a challenging virtual environment. Various settings in different parts of the globe are provided, including the Crimea, Egypt, and the Grand Canyon. The players of Hummer by 1C Company - Avalon Style Entertainment also have the chance to change the GPS, vehicle tires, and other parameters in the game.

This game is developed by a company called Avalon Style Entertainment and published by Aspyr Media. It is available to computer gamers who reside in North America and Russia. The game is available to anyone with an Internet connection.