Human Japanese

Brak Software, Inc (Shareware)

Human Japanese is an educational language program that teaches users how to understand and speak Japanese. It is developed based on the notion that the best method to learn and genuinely comprehend a language is to have it explained by someone who understands and speaks a learner’s own language. It is intended for users who have no prior experience with Japanese, and aside from vocabulary, it also covers pronunciation, set phrases and greetings, reading and writing katakana and hiragana, the number system, adjectives and conjugations, articles, and some verb forms. The core concepts of the Japanese language are described and explained in a friendly tone with comparisons to related qualities in English.

With this program, users will be able to learn the phonetic Japanese scripts (katakana and hiragana) in an integrated manner, supplemented with examples, writing tips, and even animations. Users can select and click any Japanese text to hear it read in native speech. Human Japanese boasts of over 1800 recordings for this feature. At the end of each chapter are quizzes that users can take to test their proficiency. There are many kinds of review quizzes and games to choose from, including a memory game in which users have to match a hiragana character to its Roman character equivalent.