Hulu Desktop

Hulu LLC (Freeware)

Hulu Desktop is a program that allows users to watch TV shows, movies, and video clips on the desktop. The application has a simple interface that beginners can navigate through. Users who have a Hulu account can log in to the application to view saved information. The search features allows users to find a specific television show, movie, or video clip. Users can also browse through the available programs that are arranged according to category. The list of shows can be viewed in alphabetical order, too. The program can be used with just six main buttons.

The program features a recommendation bar, too. This bar shows a list of clips that the user may be interested to watch, based on the viewed videos. After watching, videos can be rated with stars (1 to 5). While browsing shows, users can queue a list of shows to watch later on. All activities in the program are saved, as long as the user is signed in to a Hulu account. The information saved in the account includes the viewed videos, queued videos, star ratings, and subscriptions.

Here are other features of the application:
• Partial and full screen view
• Easy to use
• Simple interface

Some videos on Hulu may not be available in all regions.