HUAWEI Mobile Connect

HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd. (Freeware)

Huawei Mobile Connect is a utility application developed by Huawei for use with devices manufactured by the same company. These devices allow computer owners to connect to the internet by plugging a Flash-powered “stick” that serves as a modem.

Mobile Connect, therefore, acts as the interface that a user can access to make configurations and change the settings of the USB modem. For instance, the programs shows basic and vital information about the device model, the current connection speed and bandwidth, as well as other details like the total amount of data downloaded and uploaded within a certain period. The program usually installs itself when a Huawei USB modem is plugged into a computer for the first time, which makes installation of the application an automated process. At the same time, the system drivers needed to establish an Internet connection are automatically installed and saved in the computer’s registry.

Other means of acquiring the application are also available, even when a Huawei device is not present. The application can be downloaded from the Internet free, together with the drivers that come bundled with the downloaded compressed file. Once the application is downloaded and installed, the program then configures itself by detecting the type of device that it is installed on, as well as the cellular network used by the modem.