HttpWatch Basic 9.3.38

Simtec Limited (Freeware)

Web applications extensively make use of the HTTP protocol (or HTTPS for secure sites). The simplest Web pages need to utilize multiple HTTP requests in order to download HTML, javascript, and graphics. When it comes to trouble-shooting, tuning performance, and making sure that a site is secure and does not leak or issue sensitive data, the ability to monitor HTTP interaction between the website and the browser is very important. As a monitoring app for HTTP, HTTPS, and SPDY,  HttpWatch provides new and useful insights on a website's loading and performance. The result is a more effectively developed, debugged, and tuned website.

More specifically, HttpWatch works with Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers to identify what specific HTTP traffic is activated when a page is accessed. Entering a secure site (one with HTTPS connections) sets off the application's function to display the decrypted appearance of the network traffic. Also, the application sustains non-interactive inspection of HTTP data. Upon saving log files, the HTTP traffic is recorded completely and saved as a compact file.

HttpWatch has the following attributes:

• Usability: Logging begins quickly after a few clicks of the mouse in Firefox or Internet Explorer. This can be done without having to change network settings to configure debuggers or network “sniffers.”
• Productivity: Cookies, query strings, headers, and POST data can be easily observed without manually decoding HTTP packets in their raw forms.
• Dependability: Logging thousands of HTTP transactions for hours and days is possible while keeping track of problems that arise occasionally.
• Accuracy: The software only minimally affects browser and website interaction, permitting measurement of real-world HTTP functionalities.