HTMLPad 2010

Karlis Blumentals (Shareware)

HTMLPad 2010 is a program that makes use of advanced editing tools meant for programming purposes. It basically allows its users to alter various types of code as necessary. This program can be used in editing CSS and HTML codes as well as XHTML. The same program comes equipped with a stable script editor. This is what makes it possible for program developers to save significant amounts of disk space.

There are a number of notable features that come with the HTMLPad 2010. It allows users to reuse various programming codes. Style sheets are easier to edit when it comes to this application. It is also easy to develop various style sheets. Users can also use the program when writing sheet codes from scratch. It can also be configured to do the writing automatically. All editing features the programmer needs can be found on the interface. There is also a preview panel that allows the user to check progress as the coding happens. As the programmer types in the codes, he or she can see just how the final product will look like. Files that can be incorporated into the program can be found on the right-hand side of the interface.