HTML Executable © 4.6.1

G.D.G. Software (Shareware)

HTML Executable © is a compiler utility that can be used to create executable files. This tool is powerful enough to create executable presentations and e-books as well as applications from HTML files and PDF files. HTML Executable © is capable of turning whole websites into executables.

HTML Executable © is a complex tool that is rich with features. One of the highlights of this utility is the range of control that is available to users. This program allows the user to control every step of the compilation and conversion. The resultant file may be manipulated based on the preference of the user. Another standout feature of this program is the protection afforded the content from unauthorized distribution and use. The applications are 100% secure from copyright infringement. Moreover, the user also has control of the process related to providing rights of usage.

Additional features include:
• Allows the user to create evaluation and trial versions of the apps
• Supports a wide range of source files such as JavaScript code, PDF, HTMLimages, CSS and others.
• Full customization of the logo, icon, splash screen, messages, search engine, etc.

HTML Executable © by G.D.G. Software also gives the user the freedom to set-up the appearance of the interface. If the user is not partial to this, he or she can just use pre-made skins.