HT Parental Controls 8.1.7

Hidetools (Bundled)

HT Parental Controls is an application used by parents for monitoring Internet usage. The application allows parents to block certain programs and websites to prevent their children from accessing inappropriate content. The parental control features of the application are the following:

• Time Control – With this feature, parents can lock usage of the computer or applications after a certain time. Users can set the time daily or weekly.
• Website Blocking and Monitoring – Parents can create a list of categories for blocked access. Blocking can be according to category or website. Parents can also add some websites under Allowed Websites to restrict access to only these sites.
• Screenshot Capture – The application is also capable of taking screenshots of the desktop. This enables users to monitor computer activities by taking screenshots at specified intervals.
• Stealth Mode – HT Parental Controls can run in stealth mode. This allows the program to continue monitoring the system without the user knowing.
• Instant Messenger Blocking – The application is capable of blocking instant messenger programs to prevent children from communicating with strangers.

HT Parental Controls is a simple program with an intuitive user interface. All the tools are listed on the main window and divided into three categories – reports, controls, and options.