H&R Block

H&R Block (Proprietary)

H&R Block At Home is tax-deduction management software developed by H&R Block. It allows users to manage their taxes. H&R Block At Home can import users’ W-2 data if they are part of participating firms. H&R Block At Home also features import of capital gains information as well as investment income information from financial institutions. H&R Block At Home features assistance for mortgage interest computations and real estate tax computations. It also assists users in terms of stock and investment options. H&R Block At Home also offers Accuracy Review which double checks the date input for errors. It also has free audit support.

H&R Block At Home user interface is a double-window display. The right hand panel of H&R Block At Home shows some helpful guides and tips regarding the current data entry screen, which is shown on the left hand side. H&R Block At Home offers a business assets and depreciation interview, which helps users manage their assets according to market rates. There is also a Guide Me set of interviews for each data screen which allows users to input information according to the guides instead of going directly to the input page. H&R Block At Home also features an Ask a Tax Advisor functionality that allows users to contact a tax advisor from H&R Block.