Global Graphics Software Ltd. (Proprietary)

HQ RIP or Harlequin RIP® is a high performance utility that facilitates efficient printing. This program delivers solutions which are compliant with the standards of the industry. Users can make use of the application on a wide range of workflows and on a variety of hardware. HQ RIP is developed by
HQ RIP Global Graphics Software Ltd.

HQ RIP is a raster image processor that is made to be compatible with PDF creation tools which makes it instrumental in ensuring excellent outcomes. The user interface is graphical and easy to navigate through. This program accepts files from many different sources. With the help of output and input plugins, this application has the capability to export rasters to a wide array of files formats as well as output devices.

Aside from PDF (Portable Document Format), this application can interpret the following: JPEG, JPEG 2000, JPEG XR/HD Photo, EPS or Encapsulated PostScript, XPS or XML Paper Specification, TIFF or Tagged Image File Format, and DCS or Desktop Color Separations.

HQ RIP was first released as “ScriptWorks” in the year 1990. Global Graphics Software Ltd. set out to expand Harlequin RIP’s horizons starting in 2004. Variants of HQ RIP were created to respond to the demands of various sectors.