HPMediaSmartWebcam 4.2.3303

CyberLink Corp. (Freeware)

HPMediaSmartWebcam is a management software tool that is used to capture pictures and record videos through the HP Webcam device.  Captured videos and photos can also be published or uploaded in various Internet websites such as Facebook, Flickr, or YouTube.

Captured or recorded content is automatically transferred and displayed in HP’s library of Media Smart Video and Photo applications. Modification functions therein allow a user to customize their photo or image output. Various effects are made available for the user such Frame, Filter, Gadget, Avatar, Distortion and Scene. For example, by choosing the pair of eyes, mouth, hair, and gadget to represent them, users can create their own avatars.  Face- tracking and detection functions are also provided in the preview screen.  Motion- triggered recording can also be done using the HPMediaSmartWebcam.  The software can be used on supported notebook models that simultaneously run on supported operating systems. MJPEG format can also be used for recorded videos using the software. A Help button is also provided in the application’s user interface. A Spanish user interface is automatically laid out in cases when the display language is prescribed to be either Galician, Basque, or Catalan. This software was released on December 3, 2010.