HP Wireless Audio Manager

Hewlett Packard (Freeware)

HP Wireless Audio Manager is an application which allows users to manage their audio devices without the use of wires. This is different from audio devices which require speakers that are attached to them.  The application is able to manage both wireless speakers and wireless audio receivers. The kit has two components:  a transmitter and receiver box.  The transmitter is a USB device which is slightly larger than most USB devices.  The receiver box on the other hand, is a rectangular device with output cables for RCA stereo, standard 3.5mm and S/PDIF digital output.

Using HP Wireless Audio Manager requires that the software be installed on any Windows notebook with a USB port. The kit also contains an installation CD which contains a series of instructions which the user must follow for installation.  Once the software is installed, the transmitter can be plugged into an available USB port and the receiver can be plugged to an audio device like a speaker. The software automatically detect s the speaker connected to the receiver and anything played on the notebook is transmitted and heard from the speaker. Since there are a number of output cables which can be plugged onto the receiver, the software can transmit audio to a number of devices all at once.