HP Solution Center

Hewlett-Packard Company (Bundled)

HP Solution Center is a program used in managing and controlling selected HP printer models. This application can be used to access and perform different HP-related tasks using a single user interface. It serves as the control panel for various HP printing-related tasks such as scanning, printing and photo-editing.

The HP Solution Center application can be used to scan documents, photos, and films. It provides different configuration options for scanning images. Scanning options for different types of files are also available in this program. Options to edit the scanned files are also provided including using another photo-editing program.

The HP Solution Center program can be used to print documents and other printable files. It provides different configuration options for this task. It can be used to change the printing quality from high quality to normal quality. Options to save on ink are also available. This application offers a Printer Toolbox, which can be used to manage and check the level of ink in the HP device. A Services tab is also available to change the advance configuration settings, print diagnostic page, and align/clean print heads.

Importing images from different media is possible using the HP Solution center application. The Camera tab offers access to the HP Image Zone program. This can be used to transfer files from a storage device. Editing images is also possible. It offers basic photo-editing tools, such as Crop, Resize, and Red Eye tools. The HP Solution Center application provides a link to shop for HP-related products. Product help and troubleshooting is also available in the program’s main window.