HP Product Bulletin

RoboSync, LP (Freeware)

HP Product Bulletin is an application which manages information sent from the client to the end-user via a third-party Web portal. It was developed by RoboSync LP and co-distributed by Hewlett Packard in January 2000. Since then, the application has been available in three different variants: Mobile, Installation, the Internet. The main purpose of this function is to update the client’s users or consumers of the latest information about HP products. It acts like an online catalogue, but one that is highly accurate because it is always up to date.

The key feature of HP Product Bulletin is that it updates in real time. As soon as the manufacturers update the website with new information about their products, users are automatically updated on their end as well, provided they have properly configured their software to update. The application features filtering on which product/s they want to receive updates on. It also allows users to assign a time and day in which they wish to automatically update their app. The users are also given the option to allow the display of photos with the updates and the region they want to get updates from. There is also a favorites list, where in users can identify they type of product they want to get updates on all the time.