HP Print View Software

Hewlett-Packard (Shareware)

HP Print View integrates tools that produce professional fliers, brochures, mailers, and other documents with the use of an HP printer. The developers created this program to help users save money and prevent wastage by not having to choose costly design and print options. The software's abilities also let users enjoy more flexibility in controlling the quantity, quality, and schedule of output production. Moreover, the application affords users the opportunity to monitor the entire printing process from its conception stage all the way to actual printout.

Print View offers the following tools:

• HP Print View Resource Center – The Resource Center allows users to access HP resources connected to their computer systems. With this feature, users should not have any problem finding links to specific resources that facilitate designing of details and promote overall quality of documents.

• HP Print Cost Estimator – The application is equipped with a cost-estimating tool. It furnishes information that allows users to compare projected costs of in-house document printing with the costs an external printing service. Users only need to provide data about the document and the cost of supplies to be used. The Cost Estimator evaluates the data to generate a projected comparison. For Macintosh operating systems, this component works for one to two-page documents only. For Windows, there is no limit to the number of pages it can work with.

• HP Print View Software – This tool merges the functions of a print driver with a real-time, 3D previewer of the output document/s. As print settings are changed, their effect on the documents can be seen immediately. The user can then continue to modify the settings based on the previews. Once satisfied with the chosen settings, the user can get the printing done directly from this tool.