HP Power Manager

HP (Bundled)

HP Power Manager is an application that comes with some HP notebooks. It allows users to manage and control the notebook’s power through a set of controls. The program can be used to send email notification messages, issue computer commands when power fails, manage computer shutdowns, display power logs for analysis, and many more. The HP Power Manager program is web-based. Administrators can change the management settings by logging onto the website.

The HP Power Manager is mostly used for power protection, support for small work groups, and for configuring power failure settings. Other features of the program are the following:

Customizable alert parameters
Event logs
Secure remote browser access
Control independent UPS load segments
Manual UPS diagnostics

This program consists of two components – the management server and the remote agent. The management server controls security and authentication, performs shutdowns, maintains event logs, provides shutdown information to the remote agent, and many more.

Once power fails, the UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) automatically switches to battery mode. The program will then sent an email alert to the system administrator. Computers within the network will shut down according to the pre-defined settings for the UPS. The HP Power Manager program can also be used for facilitating power ups.