HP Power Assistant

Hewlett-Packard Company (Freeware)

HP Power Assistant is a power management program developed by Hewlett-Packard Company for selected HP notebooks and PCs. The program offers a method for HP users to change device configuration settings and operating systems, for managing notebooks’ power consumptions.

HP Power Assistant offers users with power consumption options whether the notebook is plugged into an AC or running on battery. When plugged in, the program shows the present power usage in watts as well as the battery status. A Profile section is also displayed that enables users to see how the current settings affect power consumption. It also provides profile options to reduce or maximize power. When running on battery, the program shows the notebook’s battery life in hours. The Profile list displays the impact of power consumption in minutes. There are also options for changing the current profile to help stretch the battery life.

The program can also be used to customize and tweak the profile used. The Settings menu allows users to view and manage the notebook’s Windows, services, and devices’ power plan settings. This application also offers the Usage Details feature, which assists users in understanding and estimating the cost of running the notebook. It can display these details in kilowatt-hours, dollars, and carbon. Pie charts and bar graphs are also provided to visually see the cost of running the HP notebook using the chosen profile.