HP Performance Advisor 1.5

Hewlett Packard (Bundled)

HP Performance Advisor is a workstation manager developed by HP. This program is shipped with every HP workstation sold to consumers. This program assists users from the initial customizations and settings, as well as enables users to optimize their workstations according to each specific program or application that will be installed to the system. It is geared towards non-techie users and amateurs.

HP Performance Advisor enables users to check real-time configurations that can be useful for resource reallocation. It also has a troubleshooting functionality that enables users to perform simple repairs to system issues. This program also features a monitoring functionality that is enabled from system startup to shutdown. It also provides users with simple overviews to installed software and hardware. It can also assist in selecting drivers and updates for specific applications.

HP Performance Advisor features a Windows-based user interface. The program features three main options upon program launch—Your Computer, Your Software, and Your Performance. This program features HP-certified ISV ecosystem support that enables users to perform a two-step workstation optimization functions. The first step involves key applications performance improvements, while the second step involves graphics card optimization. This program also features a one-step system reporting functionality. This program also executes performance analysis in coordination with HP Performance Advisor’s system reporting function. It can track CPU performance, RAM speeds, and other system resources.