HP My Display

Portrait Displays, Inc (Proprietary)

HP My Display is an application that allows users to calibrate their HP monitors. There are different factors that can affect the performance of the monitor including the lighting conditions in the room, the graphics card, and the computer itself. It is important to calibrate the monitor for precise video and image editing. This ensures that the colors of images on the monitor are close or exactly the same as images printed out.

The program guides users through the process of calibrating the monitor by providing step-by-step instructions. After installation, the program adds an icon to the task bar. The program can also be launched by right clicking on an empty space on the desktop and choosing the program from the menu that appears. HP My Display offers two calibration modes – Wizard and OSD (on-screen display). Wizard mode provides users the steps for calibration, while OSD allows users to make changes without going through all the steps. For more accurate calibration, it is advisable to use the Wizard.

HP My Display’s main window has four main parts – Adjust, Color, Options, and Help. Under the Adjust tab, users can calibrate the brightness, contrast, focus, position, and resolution for the monitor. There are numbered instructions on each item that will help users properly calibrate the monitor.