HP Library & Tape Tools

Hewlett Packard (Freeware)

HP Library & Tape Tools is a set of system tools developed by Hewlett Packard specifically for its line to tape storage devices. This program also works with HP’s line of magneto-optical storage devices. It is highly useful to determine product liability and to monitor hardware diagnostics. This allows for a more efficient tape device issue resolution.

HP Library & Tape Tools features several utilities targeted to optimize the performance of tape devices. Such functions include device operation verification, failure analysis, and firmware upgrades. The program also offers diagnostic tools to identify bottlenecks and system issues, as well as perform some troubleshooting functions. Every diagnostic session or troubleshooting session is recorded and a support ticket is generated by the program. The HP Support team will not entertain troubleshooting inquiries without a support ticket generated through HP Library & Tape Tools. The program likewise performs a device assessment test as it is also required by the HP Support team. Support tickets may also be emailed to the support center.

HP Library & Tape Tools features access with the ITRC which provides troubleshooting content available online. The program generates support tickets detailing health, usage, and operational data of the system. This includes drive health, performance, utilization, life, and usage. The support ticket likewise shows the media life, health, and usage particularly for Ultrium users. It also contains backup quality data.