HP FontSmart

Hewlett-Packard Company (Bundled)

The Hewlett-Packard Company is well-known for their line of ink and laser jet printers. With every printer comes an accompanying software program that needs to be installed for the printer to function effectively with a particular computer system. There are different applications that come with their printer software and one of these is the HP FontSmart application. This serves as a system utility application that focuses on managing fonts. It runs on Windows based platforms.

For the HP FontSmart program to function effectively, the computer system needs to have the fonts application installed. Aside from making these fonts available on Windows applications, the program also manages these to function without fail whenever the user accesses the data. By managing the fonts application, this particular software program makes it run efficiently when being used. This being said, it boosts the performance of the Windows based platform as it sees to it that the system only runs the fonts that the user needs.

It actively searches the hard drive for all available fonts allowing the user to view them as necessary. The user is then able to remove any duplicate applications or fonts that he or she deems unimportant.  The interface will display two separate lists of fonts. One list carries all fonts that can be installed into the system and the other shows all of the fonts that are currently installed in the computer's hard drive.