HP Cloud Drive

HP (Bundled)

HP Cloud Drive is a storage program that comes installed in some HP desktop and laptop computers. It allows users to access files and other important data stored in the drive using any computer. A cloud is a storage device on a server. It can be accessed with an Internet connection in order to upload or access files that are already stored in the cloud. The software has a cross-platform client, which allows it to function on several operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux, Palm webOS, and Android.

Once the program is installed in the computer, a new virtual drive appears on the system. It can be viewed through the ‘Computer’ window, but all the files are stored online. Once files are transferred to the drive, they are automatically uploaded to the online web storage. The files contained inside the virtual drive can be shared with other HP Cloud Drive users.

Whenever the computer is connected to the Internet, HP Cloud Drive scans and compares the updates made on the files. It then updates the files in the web storage to keep it up to date. The program offers a free 2 Gb storage space. This storage space can be increased with monthly subscriptions.